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  • Global orchard initiative network (GOINET) is a community based organization which started by a group generation in Buyiye village Busia District in 2011. The founder Mr. Ouma Hillary‚Äôs dream of restoring the biodiversity restoration of habitants and ecological systems of Uganda which started by mobilizing family members to plant trees and orchard farms at the family level.


  • Model orchard farms and formation of environmental clubs in schools and health centers.
  • Conservation, afforestration & Reforestation
  • Capacity building and training agric extension services to members.
  • Planting a tree per every new born child.
  • Eco-tourism and culture heritage
  • Youths, women, disabled and people living with HIV/AIDS Grow forestry.
  • Rural and urban orchard farm.
  • Poultry, piggery, rabbit and goat farm.
  • Marketing and saving schemes.
  • Food security and nutrition (plating G-nuts and Soya)
  • Hygiene and sanitation (conserve your work places).


  • The organization has partnered with Busia forestry and education department in a project of planting orchard farms and forming environmental clubs in schools and health facilities.
  • The organization membership has grown from 40-200 members.
  • The organization formed 4 women groups.
  • The Organization got a donation of 4000 seedlings and was distributed to schools and community members.
  • The organization has planted 20,000 trees in the last 5years in Busia district.


  • Shortage of resource like trees, seeds, herbicides and land.
  • The organization lack transport and communication means to facilitate activities.
  • The organization lacks technical staffs.
  • The organization has planted a number of orchard farms in schools and they lack protection like fencing.